Kate Schwartz For Assembly - District 75


“The residents of the 75th District, regardless of party, all have similar needs. Party is irrelevant when it comes to needing affordable housing, when needing adequate wildfire protections, needing upgrades in our transportation systems, we all want a better quality of life. It doesn’t matter with which “side” we identify; what matters is we all rise and come together to address all of our similar needs.” -Kate Schwartz

Our representation in Sacramento has been stagnant for too long, leading to the unpreparedness we are experiencing now.  We need representation that will address the issues that affect our families and communities. 

Kate has advocated for individuals and families within our healthcare system for over 3 decades, she will be the champion we need to create good jobs, safe streets, healthcare and housing that is accessible and affordable for us all.

Together, we can create a California that works for everyone.

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