Kate Schwartz For Assembly - District 75


We are all in this together. The Pandemic has suddenly changed our lives in ways we never expected.  Too many Californians have died, and millions have lost their jobs.  A crisis reveals a communities’ unmet needs and inequities.  I feel the urgency that we collectively must rise to meet this moment.  Join me in this journey to help California recover its health and  thriving economy.

A smart recovery means we must build back, better than before. I have spent 35 years fighting for Patients and families within the healthcare and social services systems.  As your Assemblymember and Public Health Champion, I will fight in Sacramento for a COVID recovery that leaves us better prepared for the future.  We must build a new public health system that incorporates emergency preparedness at the state level that will be permanently funded.  

A system of Healthcare for all Californians and the preparedness to test, trace and safely treat disease would have saved us a lot of misery.  In addition, our Small Business Sector needs better support and protection.  Jobs with living wages and affordable housing near the jobs are needed to keep us strong.  We should be tackling Homelessness with compassion utilizing Housing First evidence based principles. People living on sidewalks or under bridges is not good for society.  We should be investing in improved new jobs in transportation infrastructure to provide transit options that will move our economy and improve our quality of life, while protecting our environment.  It will not be easy, but together, we will see this through to a better, improved, quality of life in California.

-Kate Schwartz