Kate Schwartz For Assembly - District 75

About Kate  

Kate Schwartz is a native Californian and has lived in Assembly District 75 for over 20 years. Kate was raised in California and grew up attending California public schools through her undergraduate education. After receiving her Bachelor of Social Welfare from Cal State University, Sacramento she went on to receive a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. Kate completed her professional training in the New York and Boston areas, then returned to California in 2000 and settled in the Bonsall and Fallbrook area with her family. 

Kate has served as a licensed Health/Behavioral Health Clinical Social Worker over the past 33 years. She has advocated for healthcare patients and their families, provided behavioral healthcare services within both the public and private sectors, and continues to train masters and doctoral level interns – our professionals of the future. Kate has created new programs for families and youth and has evaluated needed services within communities. She has dedicated her professional life to advocating for patients and their families within a variety of community and health systems. 

Kate presently is proud to use her personal and professional experience to serve the local regional Fallbrook community through her work at a local community health center as well as in private practice, providing needed healthcare and wellness services and improving upon existing services. In addition to her work as a behavioral healthcare professional, Kate also serves as an elected Director on the Fallbrook Regional Health District board.