Kate For Assembly District 75
Prescription For Change!!

Issues facing District 75


Access to affordable healthcare for Californians

I believe healthcare is a Human Right. Providing quality and accessible healthcare to all Californians is an issue I am passionate about.  I do not want to see any family facing bankruptcy, foreclosure or hardship because a loved one is sick. Families and Seniors should not have to struggle to afford their prescription medications, dental care and healthcare visits due to lack of coverage, high deductibles and copayments.  

Together, let's demonstrate leadership in creating a California healthcare system that we can all support!


Compassion for Homelessness

Housing is a human right.  Homelessness should be treated as a social crisis and a health problem.  It should not be criminalized and left as a problem for law enforcement.

California’s Housing First law is a research based solution to reducing homelessness based on the concept that people require their food, shelter and safety needs met first in order to begin the path to personal stability.     However, supportive housing must include wrap around social services to address problems of health and mental health/addictions, job training, transportation and childcare needs. 

I was on a team for a startup supportive housing program with clinical services, known as crisis residential treatment programs.  We took in homeless youth aged 18-25 and provided supportive housing, behavioral health treatment, social services, educational and vocational opportunities and placed the youth in permanent housing once they were stable.  These are some of my all time most satisfying career memories.  I want to continue this work in Sacramento.


Affordable housing close to jobs and services. 


We are all frustrated by the lack of affordable housing in our State, and the stalemate on deciding where to build.  Join me in advocating for new strategies to solve our combined and related challenges of affordable housing, improving transit systems, and meeting our goals within the Climate Action Plan. 

I support:

Planning for development of truly affordable housing units by increasing density of multi family housing, preferably along transit corridors within established residential areas near fire, utility, medical and school services

Maintain the character of communities – rather than the unregulated growth that does not solve the affordability of housing for working families that need to commute to jobs and send their children to nearby schools.  

Balancing goals for growth and increased housing units,with conservation, sustainability, while not pricing working families out of their home.

Developing strategies to allow access to green energy solutions- such as solar installation and charging electric vehicles to working Californians who rent their homes.

Keeping Californians in their homes and prevention is the first step.


Improve Transportation Infrastructure - Public and Mass Transit

We Can Find Solutions; Reduce emissions, improve safety and the flow through the region.

We need to be investing in local infrastructure and transforming an aging transportation network with 21st century improvements. 

We need to be increasing electric vehicle charging stations throughout our region, and let’s make real progress on mass transit and development of “Transit Hubs” for our region.

I’m impressed with the SANDAG 5 Big Moves strategic initiatives.  These are concepts that we should be expanding within our district and throughout California.



Protect Our Greenspaces and Combat Climate Change

Kate Schwartz out for a walk
Kate hiking in Riverside County

California leads the way into the future.  More needs to be done.

I am fighting to preserve a clean future for our children and grandchildren.  I will work for incentives to make electric vehicles and solar panel installation affordable for working Californians. Investing in renewables and new technologies is a strategy that creates green jobs while protecting our environment and preventing overdevelopment.

I support our state’s role in reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and improving preparedness related to climate change, such as water supply and wildfires.  Our transportation goal of reduction of Vehicle Miles Traveled through the use of increased EV (Electric Vehicle) technology and mass transit systems connects our Climate Change goals with our Transit goals.  


Support our Public Educational Systems Pre-K thru Community College

As a Special Education Advocate, Kate has advocated for Special Needs Students in K-12 grades and Community College.  Kate has also worked to provide Behavioral Health access to care for students within the school settings, to increase students well- being and educational success.  We need to provide needed health and Behavioral Health services to all students, as well as universal free school lunches to enable our students to achieve well-being, health and healthy attitudes and choices!

And Kate has advocated for later start times for high school students for 20 years.

Governor Newsom just signed into law high schools in California cannot begin before 8:30 am and middle schools before 8 am


Community Hospital Closures

Community hospitals and medical jobs have been disappearing from neighborhoods because smaller hospitals struggle to survive when insurance companies have cut back coverage for residents to use out-of- network health facilities.  This is a strain on our emergency vehicles as ambulances must transport patients out of town to approved emergency rooms.  It doesn’t make sense that patients and medical staff must travel further away. We need medical insurance reform to bring healthcare and jobs back to our neighborhoods.




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