Quality, affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  We are all safer if everyone has access to healthcare.

Today we are witness to the high cost and tragedy of hospitals and staff being under equipped for a pandemic.  We must build a Emergency Preparedness system with adequate mobile beds, personal protective equipment (PPE), testing supplies and medicines.

We must put medical research and epidemic prevention back to the front lines and accurately anticipate the next emergency.

Mental health needs are  emerging as another crisis due to extended solitude and uncertainty regarding the future, the illness of loved ones, and financial losses of employment, savings and businesses.  Our Mental Health systems of care have also been underfunded and overwhelmed for decades.  Healthcare for All Californians with a single payer system would save trillions of dollars annually and place the funding priorities toward patient care over profits.  The time for change is now.

 In the Assembly, Kate will work to guarantee that California families will not not have to choose between health care or other necessities such as rent, food or utilities.  We deserve better.



Everyone needs a home.  Californians are crippled by our state’s lack of affordable housing.  It is essential for working families, our economy, and our environment, to reduce traffic allowing workers to find good, affordable housing near their schools and jobs.

Kate is committed to eliminating the state and local stalemates regarding what and where to build, stalemates that have impeded attempts to increase the availability of affordable housing while fiercely maintaining the character of our communities.  We must add convenient, truly affordable housing, but we must not do it at the expense of our communities.  We do not need any more million dollar homes placed within newly developed communities without the necessary infrastructure, and distant from our employment sites.  It is time for change in California.  



California is leading America into a greener future, but more must be done to ensure that California, and our planet,  stay beautiful and healthy for future generations.

Kate will fight to preserve a clean future for our children and grandchildren.  She will work for incentives to make electric vehicles and solar panel installation affordable for working Californians. Kate will champion public investments in renewables and new technologies to create green jobs while protecting our environment and preventing overdevelopment.  Kate supports Community Choice Energy for California consumers.  

Kate supports our state’s role in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and mitigating the harmful effects related to climate change, such as water supply and wildfires.  Increased use of EV (Electric Vehicle) technology and modern transit systems connect our Climate Change goals with our Transit goals.  



We can find solutions to reduce emissions, and create jobs while improving safety and flow through the region.

Throughout our region and across our state we must increase the availability and convenience of electric vehicle charging stations so that driving an electric vehicle is an option for every Californian.

Long traffic commutes are hurting residents of the 75th Assembly District, and all Californians by keeping us from our lives, making us unhappy and worsening the environment. It is time we made real progress on public transit and development of “Transit Hubs” for our region.  And it is time to transition toward a large remote workforce.

Jobs.  If Kate is elected she will invest in local infrastructure to create much needed jobs, boost the economy, and to transform our aging transportation network with 21st century improvements.  Kate will also work on improving technology in our rural communities, making remote worklife the jobs of the future, and enabling local Main Street businesses to thrive.  



Everyone needs a home.  Homelessness should be treated as a social crisis and a health problem.  Our health is protected if we have the foresight and compassion to intervene in the health issues of the unsheltered.

As a behavioral health treatment professional,  Kate has worked on the front lines of homelessness and has seen the proven strategies that work. As your Assemblymember, she will be committed to drastically reducing homelessness by combining proven solutions with innovative new approaches.

Kate supports California’s Housing First law as it is a research-based solution to reducing homelessness based on the concept that people require their food, shelter and safety needs met to begin the path to personal stability. Supportive housing must include wrap-around social services to address problems of health and mental health/addictions, job training, transportation, and childcare needs.